Absolute OHS provides a comprehensive list of in-house and on-site testing services including:

Drug Testing

At the request of the employer, drug testing can be done for: post-accident, reasonable cause, pre-access and for return-to-duty purposes. Absolute OHS uses an instant test that includes the use of adulterant strips, to ensure test validity. In addition, Absolute OHS adheres to the Department of Transportation Standards.

Audiometric Testing

Audiometric testing is a critical component of a noise management system and gives the employer an opportunity for on-going education for employees on the importance of hearing protection. All tests are conducted by Certified Audiometric Technicians. Absolute OHS works closely with an Audiologist and has a Certified Occupational Audiometric Management Software program. Absolute OHS adheres to and exceeds the standards set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, regulation and code.

Qualitative Fit Testing

Qualitative fit testing checks to ensure an adequate facial seal is achieved for employee’s safety when wearing safety and oxygen masks. Absolute OHS uses an irritant smoke, under the safest situation to ensure workers safety, to reveal any leaks on the facial seal of the mask. Absolute OHS follows the standards set out in Canadian Safety Association Standards (Z94.4-02 and Occupational Health and Safety Standards) for all testing.

Quantitative Fit Testing

Absolute OHS uses the highest standard of instrumentation and programming software to assess facial seals. Quantitative fit testing is the highest level of standard in fit testing.  Absolute OHS provides this service in an easy, cost effective way to support any Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Program.
Fit testing also involves a questionnaire to ensure an employee is capable of wearing the PPE.

RN Medicals

Absolute OHS nurses conduct a series of medical assessments including: family medical history, personal health history, blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, musculoskeletal assessment, back assessment, vision tests (near, far and colour tests), medication usage, lifting assessment, grip strength test, carpal tunnel assessment, flexibility assessment, and range of motion assessment. All of these tests are performed at the Absolute OHS office with our equipment.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing or spirometry, checks lung capacity and monitors for any medical conditions that may affect breathing. This test can help in the early diagnosis of lung disease or damage and can help prevent further damage caused by airborne hazards. Absolute OHS works closely with our physician to review the medical history pertaining to these occupational and non-occupational exposures, to help determine if further testing is required. This close working relationship gives the employer and the employee an opportunity to avoid further damage.