About Us

Based in Redcliff, Alberta, Absolute OHS aims to become a leader in occupational health services, and is comprised of a team of devoted Registered Nurses with extensive medical testing experience. We take great pride in providing service with the highest level of excellence going above and beyond the standards as set out by the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta and Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association.

Absolute OHS is constantly striving to enhance how we provide our services. Our main goal is to work with employers to develop solutions that supplement their workplace health and safety programs tailoring our services to their specific needs. With a close regard for all applicable laws and regulations, Absolute OHS operates with the highest standard of conduct, honesty and personal integrity.
The continued success of Absolute OHS is dependent upon our customer’s trust and we are dedicated to building and preserving that trust.


The Absolute OHS team has experience across a multitude of industries, including H2S Alive® site certification, on commercial and industrial job sites.

On-site testing allows employers to address employee health and safety issues in an efficient manner. On-site testing allows employees to be tested without having to travel to another location, or take personal time to be tested, ultimately increasing employee compliance, decreasing loss of productivity and positively impacting the employers’ bottom line.

Absolute OHS – The Process

  1. Employer contacts Absolute OHS to request services.
  2. The services that are required and the location where the services are to be performed are discussed (whether at a work site or at the Absolute OHS office).
  3. Absolute OHS will provide a detailed quote for the requested services, resulting in no hidden expenses.
  4. Services will be performed.
  5. All services performed will result in each employee receiving a laminated card that will include the results of the service provided, the date, their name, employer, and an expiration date if applicable.

Our on-site services will increase productivity by keeping employees at the work place, which contributes to the employer’s bottom line!